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Sustainable food shopping

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This is a short blog with some options for a more sustainable weekly shop. In a season of panic buying and empty shelves, let's look further a field (or actually, closer to home) for a more sustainable solution.

Good Club

An ethical wholesaler, this online store looks perfect for our current situation. At Good Club you can shop over 4,000 sustainable food and household products. The site has pretty rave reviews.

Not only are the products sustainable, but the delivery is carbon neutral too!

It does involve a bit of subscription fee. Members pay £30 a year, including one free delivery per month. However, they claim that subscription gives you access to thousands of organic, healthy and sustainable products at prices up to 40% lower than normal retail prices.

Fresh Range

This one is very close to home. Bringing produce from Somerset and Gloucestershire to your homes. Not only is it sustainable to be shopping more locally, but it's also a lot fresher as it has less journey time. Less food miles also helps reduce prices, although Fresh Range is very clear that they're all about fair wages.

As you'll guess from the picture, Fresh Range does offer meat and dairy products. But they take the sustainability impact of this kind of farming seriously. They only work with farmers who raise 100% pasture fed livestock. This helps to restore soil biodiversity and sequester carbon from the atmosphere (Huh? Read more on that here).

Ethical Superstore

Truly a superstore. They sell products from a huge range of sustainable and ethical brands. Not only that, they categorise all items so that you can sort by what is most important to you (categories include fair trade, organic and eco friendly).

And in true superstore spirit they stock a lot more than food. I'm talking cleaning supplies, fashion, beauty, toys, and gardening.


I've mentioned this platform before. I think their ethos is absolutely incredible - they're all about rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste. Unfortunately, a lot of food produced goes to waste either because it doesn't meet supermarket standards or because it is surplus. Given our current situation this seems absolutely ridiculous - our supermarket shelves are empty but food is going to waste? This is the crazy system we live in - and the worthy mission Oddbox is fighting!

Unfortunately, at this current time Oddbox has been inundated with new sign-ups and so you will have to join a waiting list to be added to their rounds!


Another platform I've shared here before. Farmdrop brings together people like you and me with British farmers.

Their key values are simple: pay fair wages, treat animals well, planet friendly packaging, zero emission deliveries, local food.

The range on Farmdrop is slightly more limited than some of the other options, however you can trust that what you get will be local and sustainable. And, as well as groceries, Farmdrop stocks certain brands in the cleaning, household and beauty departments.

Crosstown Collective

A London only service bringing together independent London operators to create retail food boxes for delivery.

This is a really simple platform offering only two options an original box and a vegan box. They let you know what is in each box, you order and they deliver. Simple.

I hope you can get what you need in this season, and that you're also able to live with grace and kindness.

Love, Roxy.

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