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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Just a quick thanks to those of you who have supported my blog over the last few months. I've put a lot of effort into building my blog and website, and have really enjoyed researching and writing in this space. I did a four part series looking into the issue of climate change, which I did really to set up a background of information for people going forward. I wanted my blog to be a place where people could find advice on sustainable living, but I know that having information is really important - so these posts will be there for future reference.

Going forward I would really like to focus more on sustainable swaps that we can make, and why these steps really make a difference. So this post is my first product 'review'. Before we dive in I'd just like to say that this is a completely subjective review, I am not being paid to review a product, and the brand doesn't even know I exist! So this is truly from little ol' me 💁🏼‍♀️.

Shampoo and conditioner bars

I tried my first Lush naked hair products in December, and haven't gone back since. I was quite apprehensive before trying them, "will they clean my hair?", "is this going to be a total waste of money?", "how do I use this thing anyways?". However, they were so much easier to use than I imagined and I actually couldn't believe how well the products worked.

Before writing this review I went into a Lush store to ask about different hair types - I wasn't about to write a review and then find out they only had bars suitable for straight hair... However, I was presently surprised when the sales assistant led me over to the hair section and proceeded to show me the products for curly hair, for blonde hair, for relaxed hair, for 'natural' (aka non-relaxed, aka black) hair. The sales assistant also assured me that there were even more products available at their larger central London stores.

So how do I use them?

The shampoo and conditioner bars are quite different, and take a little bit of getting used to. Of course, everyone is different and you may need to experiment a little to find the perfect technique for your hair. It's also worth saying that they have so many different kinds of bars, you may need to try out different bars before you find one you're 100% happy with. I've tried three different kinds of shampoo so far!

Shampoo bar

These bars are normally round, and you can buy handy little tins to store them in. I would highly recommend buying a tin, they don't cost a lot but they stop your bar getting all soggy or separating (my lemon oil started oozing out and I didn't want to lose all that goodness 👀). However, you need to keep an eye on your tins and make sure they don't grow mould... I think that the best storage device would be something made of bamboo, or maybe even a classic old fashioned wooden soap dish.

So steps for using your first shampoo bar are as follows (again this is what worked for me, try it out, experiment, you do you):

1. Wet the bar in the shower and rub it a little to form a lather.

2. I run the bar straight over my hair a few times, however you can also keep lathering it between your hands and then rub that into your hair.

3. Shampoo as normal! Rub it in, make shapes, give yourself a massage. Whatever floats your boat.

4. Then rinse!

I find that my shampoo bar keeps my hair clean a little longer than normal shampoo did (extra bonus!).

Tip: after a while your shampoo bar might lose its shape a little, or you may see the ingredients separating (aka your lemon oil oozing out...). When this happens simply squish your bar back into shape. They are sturdy, they can take it.

Conditioner bar

My conditioner bar is an oval shape, but the shape varies on what kind of conditioner you buy. Do talk to the sales assistants and ask them for help. It's too daunting without advice! And it's a waste to buy the wrong product...so don't be shy!

How to use your conditioner bar below:

1. Wet the conditioner bar in the shower.

2. Run (read smear) the bar over the ends of your hair and rub in.

3. Leave in for a little while before washing out.

Tip: I don't store my conditioner bar in a tin, I found that it kept getting stuck to the bottom! So I store it in a soap dish out of the way of the shower water. This means that the top stays dry, and the bottom stays a little wet making it easier to run over your hair.

Just to say, I have a very diverse group of friends all of whom have hair different to mine. I am totally aware that these tips may not work for everyone, but please don't let that put you off. Give it a go.

The EU elections are coming up

Are you voting? If you can, you should. Voting is important and we should all do it. But it's also really important to know who you are voting for and what they stand for. The BBC has a guide to the EU elections which is worth a read, it's very short.

Now of course Brexit is important, very important, and we need to consider where the parties stand. But please, please, please take a look at what each party is saying about climate change. Because climate change is bigger than Brexit, it's the biggest issue of our time, and we are not doing enough about it. So take a look at what they say.

Here are the manifestos of the main parties (just FYI the conservatives haven't released one yet which is why I haven't included it...):

Green Party

Change UK (the Independent Group)


Liberal Democrats

(You'll notice that the UKIP and Brexit Party manifestos aren't here. The Brexit Party has not released one, and I couldn't bring myself to share UKIP's. However, you'll find more information on them in the above BBC article if you'd like to read more about them).

I hope you've enjoyed this blog, and that you'll be inspired to vote well, and try out a new hair care regime... It's all for the health of the earth 'ey.

Love, Roxy.

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