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A review: bamboo toothbrushes and reusable make up wipes

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Apparently Plastic Free July is a thing. I kind of missed it... What with finishing my job, applying for a new one, going on holiday with the fam, and getting ready to go camping with about 100 young people, my blog has somewhat been sidelined. I apologise.

But I'm back baby! 🙋🏼‍♀️ So here's the post that I meant to share before I went away... Better late than never 'ey. This post was designed to help you this Plastic Free July, or just generally in life, and it's a double product review! I'll review two of the first swaps I made, a bamboo toothbrush and reusable make up wipes. Read on for some tips on which brands I like and how to use them.

Bamboo toothbrushes

It seems like bamboo is appearing everywhere at the moment. And with good reason. Bamboo is an amazing material and is really sustainable. When bamboo is harvested the tree doesn't die, which makes it different to other tree species, this means that top soil erosion is reduced (soil erosion is bad because it means we loose fertile soil and can lead to excess flooding). But even more cool is the fact that "bamboo produces more than 35% more oxygen than trees" (The Guardian). So it's easy to see why bamboo is appearing everywhere on the plastic free scene.

Moving onto the bamboo toothbrush: Josh and I use these ones. Previously I bought a bamboo toothbrush on Amazon, but I didn't like it nearly as much as this one. The bristles were really soft and the handle was way too thin (Josh was not hugely impressed 😂). However, the Acala brand is incredible. The bristles are infused with charcoal, which help whiten your teeth 👍🏻, and the design is exactly the same as a normal toothbrush. I haven't noticed any difference in using these compared to a plastic toothbrush, and I definitely won't be switching back!

In terms of price, the brushes work out to just over £2 per toothbrush. I buy a pack of 4, which means Josh and I each have a replacement. You can also subscribe so that you receive new brushes every 1, 2, 3 or 6 months. When you replace your brush, simply pull the bristles out the old one (they're too small to be recycled) and put the handle in your compost bin! Check out this page for a blow by blow explanation of how to do this.

In conclusion, buy one 😌.

Reusable make up wipes

There's a programme on BBC iPlayer at the moment all about plastic, and one of the episodes looks at the effect of wet wipes on the earth. Did you know, they're really bad for our sewers, "wet wipes made up more than 90% of the material causing sewer blockages  that Water UK investigated in 2017" (Friends of the Earth). Secondly, they're made from...you guessed it plastic. Plastic and cotton woven together, which means that they take years and years to biodegrade. In fact "a single wet wipe could take 100 years to biodegrade" (Green People).

Moving onto my product review. I bought this pack of reusable wipes, which come with four grey fleece like round wipes and four white round wipes with one soft side and one course side. I love the grey ones. I hate the white ones 😂.

The grey wipes remove make up well, they are soft on the skin and wash really easily. The white wipes don't remove make up well and don't come clean very easily at all. I'd recommend trying one of these better brands:

Acala have two sets.

AmieandEd on Etsy have good reviews.

A Waste Free World have great looking ones (with Toucans on!)

Alternatively you could just use a flannel! Or make some of your own (hit me up if you'd be interested in an afternoon making some stuff like this!).

To conclude, I do actually really love using these, they are kind to my skin and I don't miss cotton wool or make up wipes at all. My next step is to find a plastic free toner or micellar water that works for my skin! If you have any tips or suggestions then pop them below.

If you'd like to make some more sustainable swaps then check out my big list of how and what to swap and my last product review on shampoo and conditioner bars. In the meantime keep going, one step at a time, that's the most important thing we can all do.

Love, Roxy.

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