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5 reasons to attend a clothes swap

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

This is a really short blog post to convince you to come to my clothes swap on the 25th of November.

Clothes swaps are not everyday events, in fact a large majority of people that I have spoken to have never been to one. I have only ever been to one myself, and that was quite a few years ago now. The truth is that we have a very different view on clothes now than we did a decade ago - we have no need to swap clothes because buying a new outfit is cheaper than ever before. A clothes swap goes against our fashion norms.

But there are lots of great reasons to attend a clothes swap. Find 5 of my top reasons below.

5 best things about a clothes swap

Meet new people

As we get older (read grow up) we don't have as many opportunities to meet new people. But at an event like this new people will cross paths, friendships may spark, at the very least you'll get to practice your small talk 😉.

Clean out your wardrobe

How many outfits do you have cluttering up your wardrobe? Almost everyone I've spoken to about my clothes swap has said, 'oh great, I need to clear some space in my wardrobe!' Most often when we do a clear out we throw things away, or send them off in a charity bag (which don't always make it to charity). At a clothes swap you can clear your wardroe with w clear conscience.

Get your hands on some vintage and fancy bits

Shopping vintage, and buying clothes for weddings and other special occasions, often cost quite a bit of money. The great thing about a clothes swap is that people often bring clothes that, if you were to buy them brand new, would cost more than your entry ticket! Bargain.

Put sustainable living into action

I am really passionate about the fact that it is possible for ordinary people, like you and me, to make a difference when it comes to climate change. So I'm also passionate about helping to facilitate opportunities for people to live this out. A clothes swap is a perfect way to start changing the fast fashion conversation (you can read more about fast and slow fashion in this blog).

Convince reluctant converts

Have you got a friend or family member who is a bit skeptical when it comes to the impact of fast fashion, or who is unwilling to consider changing the way they shop? Events like this are great because there is a lot of common appeal (wine + cheese, an evening out, plus the reasons above!). It is an easy invite - but these events have the added bonus of displaying sustainability in a really accessible way. So invite them along! I'd love to know what kinds of conversations you have following the event.

This event has now passed, but keep your eyes peeled for a future one.

Love, Roxy.

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