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10 sustainable beauty brands

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Sustainable beauty is an area that I am still exploring, slowly finding new brands as and when I need new products. And to be honest it's a bit of a minefield. Do I go for a brand with ingredients that are kind and organic? Or a brand with recyclable packaging, or one that offers refills? Are there brands that tick all of the boxes? I've curated a short list of 10 beauty brands. They have differing sustainability and ethical practices, but are all forging the path for true sustainable beauty. I hope this list will help you navigate the world of sustainable beauty.

10 sustainable beauty brands


Superpower: they are the first beauty company to use post consumer plastic and bioplastic (created from sugarcane).

Ingredients: they strive to use natural ingredients as much as possible.

Packaging: a combination of recycled plastic and bioplastic.

Price range: ££ (face cream at around £10 /50ml).


Superpower: they upcycle ingredients that would have gone to waste and give them a second life.

Ingredients: they have created a GREEN SCORE to ensure that they are always using sustainable ingredients.

Packaging: they use glass, bioplastic (sugarcane again!), and grass paper. 97% of their packaging is recyclable, the only part that isn't is the pump on their Mega Mist (and that is only because a recyclable version does not yet exist!).

Price range: £££ (multipurpose cream at around £30/50ml).

The Body Shop

Superpower: currently upcycling food waste into beauty products.

Ingredients: lots of natural and 'green chemistry' ingredients.

Packaging: in-store recycling, bring your empty bottles and pots into store and they will see that they are recycled and given a new life.

Price range: ££ (moisturiser at around £15/50ml).


Superpower: they donate 20% of their profits to charities fighting for the health of the earth.

Ingredients: they only use plant based and natural ingredients in their products.

Packaging: biodegradable and plastic free!

Price range: ££ (moisturiser bar at £25/65g).


Superpower: ethical buying and handmade cosmetics.

Ingredients: 100% vegetarian, and lots of natural ingredients.

Packaging: they use a combination of completely naked products and those packaged in plastic pots (they recycle the pots, and they incentivise this by giving away a free face mask for every 5 pots you bring back!).

Price range: ££ (face cream at around £25/50g).


Superpower: a biodynamic farm in Australia planting 58 varieties of herbs each year, sending zero waste to landfill since 2016, and home to 75kW solar panels.

Ingredients: organic botanical ingredients fused with biochemistry to bring you products that deliver visible results using the power of nature.

Packaging: Jurlique have won awards for their sustainable packaging efforts, but I couldn't find recycling information on their website. Their products come in a mix of glass pots and plastic tubes.

Price range: £££ (face cream at around £35/50ml).

Ren Skincare

Superpower: they've partnered with global activist, Surfrider, to clean up beaches and oceans worldwide.

Ingredients: Clean, safe skincare, with no toxins, no harsh or controversial chemicals, and no potential irritants.

Packaging: aiming for zero waste by 2021 - 100% recyclable packaging, refillable solutions, bottles with reclaimed ocean plastic.

Price range: ££ (face cream at around £25/50ml).

Neal's Yard Remedies

Superpower: they have been carbon neutral for 10 years, run on 100% renewable energy, donate £100,000 to charities every year, protect endangered habitats, have a 100/100 ethical score, and are helping save the bees. Basically they're putting most brands to shame.

Ingredients: certified organic.

Packaging: responsibly sourced paper and card, all bottles will be 100% recycled by 2025.

Price range: £££ (face cream starting around £30/50ml).


Superpower: not only are they sustainable, Zao is designed as a refill make up brand. That means the first time you buy a product it'll cost you quite a bit more than normal, but after that you just buy refills which are obviously cheaper! Plus their packaging is so beautiful 😍.

Ingredients: organic and natural.

Packaging: Bamboo packaging!

Price range: ££ (mascara for £20, refill for £12).

Floral Street

Superpower: a perfume brand with sustainability at their core, who are against using sexuality to sell products (yay feminism!).

Ingredients: 100% vegan.

Packaging: biodegradable and recyclable.

Price range: £££ (£58/50ml).

Of course there are many, many brands out there that are part of the sustainable beauty space. These are simply brands that either I use or admire for their sustainability and ethical practices.

One thing that I would like to quickly address is that none of these brands are exactly cheap. But one thing that I have come to realise is that sustainability and ethics don't exactly enable low prices, and there is a reason for that. Paying fair wages, sourcing good ingredients, caring for the earth - all of these things have a cost, which is why these brands tend to be a little more expensive than your go to high-street option. I believe that (most of the time) the cost is worth it, because I know why I'm paying more. In some cases we can't afford to do so, and that is okay too. I know that one day it'll be the sustainable options that are subsidised and supported and the brands that continue to harm the earth with be pushed out of the market. This will make sustainability more accessible to everyone. But that starts with the choices we make today. So next time you need to buy something for your beauty regime why not check out one of these brands? Let's help change the face of beauty together, one purchase at a time.

Love, Roxy.

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