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1 sustainable second

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This post is a little different to any I've done before. In fact, all my upcoming posts are quite different. I've done a lot to try and set up my blog so that there is information available to back up my future posts. I wanted to give us all some reference points for the future. So my last few series have aimed to provide a reminder of what's at stake (The Picture: big and small), an idea of how to get started on this sustainable journey (Where on earth do I start), and a peek into the everyday lives of others to see how all of us ordinary folk can make a real difference (Everyday actions).

But now that I've built up my blog I'd like to start doing some more practical posts, and have a little more fun too! I've spoken a lot about the power of everyday choices and so I'm going to start a little challenge - and I'd love you all to join me!

1 second a day

A couple of my friends have downloaded an app called 1 Second Everyday. For over a year they have filmed one second from each day, and the app compiles it into a video that documents your year. The videos are fun to watch and I always think that I should start doing one myself... I asked a friend if I could include their video to illustrate my point (and there is a point I promise). Have a watch of Alice's 1 second everyday video.

1 sustainable second

So to the point... As I said I have written a lot about the power of our actions, especially the accumulative power of choices made everyday by lots of us. So I've set myself a bit of a challenge. For the month of May I am going to make at least one sustainable choice every day ( if you follow me on Instagram you'll see that I have started!). I've downloaded the 1 Second Everyday app, and I'm going to document my journey. I want to try and make sure that I don't film the same thing everyday (you can only watch a water bottle being refilled so many times...). I know that this will be hard. But I want to challenge myself to really put what I believe in action. And I'm really excited to see what happens when I do.

I am going to try and be a lot more interactive on Instagram (so follow me for more updates) and watch this space because it's going to be exciting! I would so love for you to join me. Could you download the app and film 1 second every day? Could you make one sustainable choice each day? If you'd like to join use the hashtag #1sustainablesecond and let's do this together! I've already seen some of you joining in and it's so exciting!

The end result will be a testimony to the power of our actions and evidence of the impact we will have had over a short space of time. I am also listing the effects that my choices have had so that, at the end of the month, I'll have some figures to share!

I really hope you feel inspired to join in. If the app isn't for you, then join in without it! There's nothing to stop you from making a sustainable choice each day. Together it really will make a difference.

Love, Roxy.

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