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Why me?

My name is Roxy, I'm 24, live in South East London and am a recent International Development graduate. I have spent the last few years learning about the impact of climate change, specifically about it's impact on the poor and vulnerable. I am now at a place where I can no longer watch idly, so this blog is my way of taking a stand. I hope to share my heart for the earth and those who live in it, and to give some advice on how sustainable lifestyle changes can make a real difference. No matter how small they are. 

Why Count to Zero?

This blog is a collection of experiences and lifestyle changes, focused on the positive impact that they might have on this beautiful earth. I also want to be really honest about the fact that I fall short all the time, and don't always listen to my own advice. 'Count to Zero' is my own journey of counting down to a place where I know that my lifestyle is making a difference. However, this blog exists not so that I can write about what I am doing, but to ask you to join me.


Often discussions around lifestyle choices and climate change come under the heading "zero waste". I do not live a zero waste lifestyle, and I don't know if I ever will. Getting to "zero" isn't the be all and end all - what is important is the steps we take in order to be more loving to the earth. I'm not going to preach about climate change, almost all of us know it is a big problem, and almost all of us feel absolutely powerless when it comes to doing something real about it. However, I believe that we have a choice about how we live and about what effect our lifestyles have on the earth. So, this blog is really about those small, simple steps that we can all take to live out that choice. Join me as I count down to zero, however long it may take to get there. 


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Thank you for reading Count to Zero.
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